RAM Longboard Okun 36″ minosa

130,00  95,00 

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RAM Longboard Okun 36″ minosa

130,00  95,00 

This longboard is a cruiser in a compact format. The lowered deck makes long distances a breeze. The relatively short wheelbase gives the board agility which is helpful in making sharp corners quickly.

Color/Design: minosa
Bearings: Abec 7 (608ZZ)
Durometer: 78A
Wheels 70 x 51 mm
Weight/Age Range: max. 100 kg
Decksize: 36,00 x 8,75″ | 91,40 x 22,20 cm
Trucks: 180 mm | 7″ Longboard Trucks
Deck Wheelbase: 24,20″ | 61,50 cm
Deckmaterial: 7-ply Canadian and Russian Maple
Deckshape: Twintip Dropthrough



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