Bustin Maestro 6 Raion Graphic 37“


Bustin Maestro 6 Raion Graphic 37“


The Bustin Maestro 6 is an all around performer that features a mild flex and camber for snappy flex, soft concave, and nose / tail for freestyle tricks. This deck is perfect for anyone who carves, commutes, or freestyles and wants the deck to do it all.

This complete comes set-up with Paris 180mm trucks for easy carves, and Bustin Premier 70mm wheels for all around performance.

For 6 years running, the Maestro collection has been the prize jewel of our line. This is the Bustin board that everyone had to have back in 2010 and 2011, a demand that took us from a small basement brand, to the global Skate Everything brand we are today. Designed to conquer the rugged streets of NYC, the Maestro’s unique features and concaves make it a master of the oncrete jungle. With forward-mounted camber to help generate power in your push, lively and light-weight Bamboo-X construction adding even MORE speed, wedged truck-mounting to increase responsiveness, and drop-through mounting bringing you and your push closer to the ground, the all new Maestro-6 is the best urban commuter hybrid on the market. Facts.


Length: 95.3 cm / 37.5”
Width: 22.9 cm / 9”
Wheelbase: 66.9 cm / 26.4”.
Construction: Bamboo x.
Gripped: Yes.


Trucks: Bustin Paris Collaboration
Wheels: Bustin Premier Formula 70mm
Bearings: Abec 7

Norėdami Jums pasiūlyti kuo platesni paspirtukų asortimentą suteikiame gamybę užsisakyti modelius pagal specialų užsakymą. Prieš pateikiant užsakymą rekomenduojame susiekti su mųsų specialistais šiuo numeriu: +37067610037

Užsakant šį paspirtuką netaikomas COD pristatymo būdas.



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