Hammond Zig Zag Twin Tip 43


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Hammond Zig Zag Twin Tip 43



Ilgis: 109.2 cm / 43”
Plotis: 22.9 cm / 9”
Konstrukcija: Kanadietiškas klevas, 8 sluoksniai.

Ašys: Hammond Carving Trucks
Ratukai: Hammond Carving Series 80a 70mm
Guoliai: Abec 9

Longboard Hammond Zig-Zag 43 is a great board for carving, city cruising, dancing. Fourty three inches length proviForty needed space in order to enjoy stability and space for your feet while surfing the pavement. Hammond Carving Trucks turn this standard measures deck into a surf and snowboard emulation machine with a lot of stability.

Like all models in Hammond Carving Series, it has three different positions for each truck. This means that every rider can personalize the turning capacity of the board:

When you place the trucks in the outer position you get more stability. Placing the trucks in the inner holes you get more free style possibilities. In the middle position the board has an average performance between surf style turn, tricks and stability.



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